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Marble and Limestone Fireplaces

Marble fireplace surrounds have been the heart of privileged households for hundreds of years. Although a little more expensive than a wooden fireplace surround, a marble or limestone fireplace will last forever. A marble or limestone fireplace from Factory Fireplace Outlet will decorate the whole room and actually increase the value of your entire property.

Because marble is a natural stone, it will last for many years and will not deteriorate as would a wooden mantle or surround. It is very strong and durable and most of all elegantly appealing appearing ageless. A marble fireplace will actually increase in value as it gets older and not depreciate. Limestone is a beautiful natural material offering a fireplace that is unique, each having its own natural variation in shading and markings.

All of our Limestone fireplaces are manufactured from natural Portuguese Limestone and as such, natural variation will occur. This will include shading, veining, fossils and crystal markings. This natural stone is cut straight from the earth. The stone is sedimentary formed over approximately 50 million years ago. The characteristic mocha coloured veins on the light back ground, intermingled with fossils of plants and animal life all add to the individuality of the wonderful material. To find blooms, lighter or darker veins, "wisps" of fossilised fern leaves & other unique features are not considered defects, but are part of the natural beauty the earth brings. This is the beauty of a natural stone.

Factory Fireplace Outlet offers marble and limestone fireplace surrounds that are all hand made by our team of craftsmen and are designed by our very own artists. Artistic designs can be incorporated in all our fireplaces; our only limit is your imagination. Many different colours of marble can be chosen, to fit perfectly into your existing decor. Call us for advice on selecting the right finish for your home.

Easy installation:

Our marble and limestone fireplaces are delivered to you in separate pieces to reduce damage. Our surrounds are very easily assembled, and in most cases an engineer is not required to install your marble or limestone surround. You would, of course, require a Gas Safe (formerly CORGI) registered installer for your gas fire, or HETAS engineer for solid fuel. Ask for details if you are not sure.

Although we do not advertise our range of electric, gas and solid fuel fires on the internet, we deal with all the major manufacturers and suppliers, and are therefore in a position to supply you with almost any fire you choose. Why not call our team on 0800 731 9103 for more information?


Because of the natural stone qualities, all our marble fireplace surrounds are naturally resistant to heat and fire. Designed to fit in any area, we are one of the leading custom designers for marble fireplace surrounds so we can easily customize any fireplace surround to fit your exact dimensional and fire type requirements. When looking for a solid fuel fireplace, be sure to mention this to our advisors as there are certain regulatory requirements, eg. Expansion slots in the hearth and the need for the surround to be slabbed. Choosing a marble fireplace from Factory Fireplace Outlet is easy, just pick your style, size and colour, let us contact you to discuss your needs and we arrange the delivery with our own vehicles.


Because we specialise in custom marble and limestone fireplace designs, it’s easy for us to alter any fireplace surround to suit your tastes. Factory Fireplace Outlet have been custom designing and selling marble fireplace surrounds to the trade for many years and we pride ourselves as being one of the leading innovators in online custom designed marble and limestone fireplace surrounds.

This is accomplished by the use of our online designer and the fact that we contact you directly, before confirming your order, to ensure that you have considered all the options such as type of flue, chimney breast, carpet cut-outs, choice of fuel, design of fire, etc. We will then build your fireplace to your desired criteria.

From initial concept to final installation, our professional team will assist you to create the fireplace of your dreams at an affordable price.

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